2021 Winners

1st Place Winner of $20,000

Foundation for Foster Children

The Foundation for Foster Children creates meaningful connections for children in foster care through personalized support. They do this through three pillars of service - Enrich, Educate, and Empower.

2nd Place Winner of $15,000

OCA, Opportunity Community Ability

OCA enables individuals and families with autism or other disabilities the opportunity to maximize their abilities through functional, behavioral, social, recreational and vocational programs to live within the community.

3rd Place Winner of $10,000

Grace Medical Home

Grace Medical Home exists to serve the more than 180,000 men, women, and children in Orange County who go without basic healthcare because they can’t afford it or don’t have access to it. Since 2010, Grace has served more than 4,600 patients.

Winner of $1,000

Adult Literacy League

The Adult Literacy League is the leading voice of adult literacy in Florida. They are at the forefront of a coalition of adult and family literacy advocates and partners connecting to improve literacy and quality of life throughout our communities.

Winner of $1,000

Central Florida Community Arts

Central Florida Community Arts exists to serve and build community through the arts by making the arts affordable and accessible to people of all ages and abilities. They welcome member artists of all ages and backgrounds to connect with other performers to serve local organizations through the arts, and to utilize their talents to perform for the community.

Winner of $1,000

Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras

Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras exists to encourage children and young adults, through the practice and performance of orchestral music, to become passionate leaders, thinkers, and contributors in their local community and beyond.

Winner of $1,000

Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation

Libby's Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation exists to provide comprehensive services to the underserved through education, mammograms, and patient navigation on the journey from diagnosis to survivorship with the compassion to ensure no one fights alone.

Winner of $1,000

Lighthouse Works

Lighthouse Works creates competitive job opportunities for working age blind and visually impaired adults. By conducting real business for real customers, they are able to generate funding to support and grow Lighthouse Central Florida’s rehabilitation services.

Winner of $1,000

The Sharing Center

The Sharing Center exists to provide essential resources to those in need while ensuring dignity, reflecting Christian generosity, and sharing God’s love. They offer five major programs to families in crisis and experiencing homelessness and distribute close to $3 million in in-kind services.

Winner of $1,000

Winter Park Day Nursery

The Winter Park Day Nursery's mission is to provide a secure, nurturing and educational environment that is affordable and supports family diversity. Since 1939, Winter Park Day Nursery has been one of the few early childhood education providers in the Orlando area that low-income families can turn to for affordable, high-quality care for their children.